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Leo District 306 A2 is one of the leading Leo Districts in Sri Lanka. It is sponsored by the Lions Clubs International, District 306 A2 and presently 25 Leo clubs are actively serving the community with the contribution of more than 950 Leos under the guidance of multi-talented executive officers. Activities conducted by Leo District 306 A2 include Childcare, Eldercare, Sports, Environmental, Healthcare, Leadership Development Projects and many more.

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Leo Multiple District 306, Sri Lanka is divided into 6 administrative districts namely Leo District 306 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Under each district, are the Leo Clubs that carry out their services to the communities in need.

We, Leo District 306 A2 is one of the most active districts in the world, where over 1,000 projects are conducted annually with a beneficiary count of over 100,000 individuals.









Leo Clubs in Leo District 306 A2

Leo District 306 A2 is divided into 3 regions and 6 zones for the ease of Leo Club administration purposes.

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The year 2022/2023 will be a year focusing on the growth and development of the movement along with encouraging clubs and all Leos to conduct projects that will benefit the society thereby maximizing the impact that we have on the society while encouraging all leos to be better human beings. So the vision for the year is to maximize the impact of service to the society and change existing associated paradigms thereby introducing novel concepts and projects aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals introduced by the United Nations. This vision was introduced taking into consideration the current status of the county as we are battling with one of the worst economic crisis that we have experienced. This is the time as volunteers, to do our part to the society. So this year the district will strongly encourage clubs to perform and introduce sustainable projects that actually has an impact to the society. As a district we also believe that innovation is the mother of sustainable growth and development of any club and we will strive to promote it as far as possible this year. So taking into consideration the above, the theme for this year will be “Changing Paradigms”
Changing Paradigms

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