A2 Directory

A2 Directory is a mobile application that comprised of all information on A2 leos. This app opens the door to communicate with leos and lions via phone call or email in a faster and easier way all from your mobile device. All details are now available at your fingertips. It is faster and easier to use. Connect instantly with Leos and Lions. Most importantly, It's environment-friendly!

First time in the history of Leoism District President Leo Praminda Vindika introduced this mobile app for A2 District. The app was developed by our own A2 Leos lead by Leo Thilina Prasad. The team developers were Leo Pasindu Sudesh and Leo Dilan Dasintha. The Graphic Designer was Praweena Nirmani and the Data Collector was Leo Raseema Sugandi.







Main app features,

  • Information of Multiple District Executives and all other district executives of Leo Multiple District 306
  • Information of executives and all other District Teams of Leo District 306 A2
  • Leo District 306 A2 Clubs and Club Officer details
  • Leo District 306 A2 District President’s Logo and description
  • Find all the guest introduction data in the application
  • Leo District 306 A2 calendar of events
  • Map of Leo Multiple District 306
  • Administrative Documents
  • Make a phone call or send emails via the app and find home locations of leos
  • Application-level lock to protect privacy data
  • Push notification service to receive the latest news from Leo District 306 A2
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