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Welcome to Leo District 306A2

The Leo District 306A2 is one of the leading Leo districts in Sri Lanka. It's sponsored by Lions District 306A2. Currently 21 Leo clubs are actively serving the community

The Leo movement, which was initiated way back in 1957, is considered as the Youth Project of Lions Clubs International. True to its motto of Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity, the Leo movement provides youth from ages 14 to 28 with the opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community. In short, Leoism provides Great Friends, Great Opportunities to help the less fortunate, Great contacts and most of all Great FUN!!!

In Sri Lanka, the Leo movement has been in existence since 1968. Activities conducted by Leo District 306 A2 include Childcare, Elders, Sports, Environmental, Healthcare and Leadership Development Projects. A three days residential youth camp, a Leo Job Bank and PR campaigns also add up into making the Leo movement the voluntary youth service organization to be in.

About Us

Our District Executive Officers

Leo Mudith Jayasekara

District President

Leo Pasindu Mahawatta

District Vice President

Leo Kasun Lokugamage

Imm. Past District President

Lion Anura Goonetilleke

District Chairman for Leos

Leo Isuri Udithamala

District Secretary

Leo Tharini Subasinghe

District Treasurer

Santhrushika De Silva

District Assistant Secretary

Leo Bhanuka Isuru

District Assistant Treasurer

Our Clubs

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Our Projects

A glimpse from the Leo Club Officers and Leo Advisors workshop for the new Leoistic year which was held on the 28th of July 2019. The event was a success with the participation of Leo Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Advisors. #A2Leos #ClubOfficers @ The Camilla School Mattegoda

අපගේ සමාජය වෙත නොනිමි මෙහෙවරක් ඉටු කරනු වස් යහපත් ආකල්ප සහ ශක්තිමත් නායකත්වයෙන් යුතු තරුණ පිරිසක් මව්බිමට දායාද වේවායි! පතමින්, 306 A2 ලියෝ දිස්ත්‍රික්කයේ 2019/2020 නව ලියෝ වර්ෂය උතුම් ත්‍රිවිධ රත්නයේ ආශිර්වාදය පෙරටු කර ගනිමින් ආරම්භ කිරීම සිදු කරනු ලැබූ බවයි.

15th Annual District Installation Ceremony of Leo District 306A2

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